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October 17, 2016

Pinterest Has Reached to New Heights of Success and with it, you can too

Yesterday Pinterest just declared that it has reached 150 Million monthly users. And its value has been determined around $11 billion which is just one billion less than Twitter. Well, the article is not regarding that, the Pinterest is known as the ad-driven company. Lots of advertisers spend a potential amount of money on Pinterest and the revenue of Pinterest is also high. So, this article is to make you aware that you might be missing this opportunity to sell products to the potential leads on Pinterest. According to a recent survey, Pinterest which is believed to be a favorite […]
October 14, 2016

Google Penguin “Real Time” was more “Generous” to all the “Punished” Sites. Did You Recover?

“Real Time Penguin” was rolled out by Google 3 weeks back on and around 27th September. The SEO guys seemed scared as the previous Penguin Updates 1-3 slammed a lot of websites and punished the whole website for bad or spammed links. Many websites faced troubles and even after applying all the necessary retrieval options, they didn’t have much of the effect and were forced to wait. Well, Penguin 4.0 was expected to do the same but when it was rolled out, what happened was quite the opposite. If we believe the theory, Real Time penguin will make an impact […]
October 12, 2016

Meet Facebook Workplace: A Tool to Synchronize your Organization’s Human Resource

You might be aware that Facebook is aggressively making changes in their model and has been trying to monetize their venture as much as possible. If you are not aware of the recent updates such as your Facebook Newsfeed is a Marketplace and Facebook also made some changes in the Facebook Dynamic Ads, you can catch up on all these news from Nesterz BlogSpace. Yesterday i.e. on 11th October 2016, Facebook rolled out another tool for the Businesses and Organizations. The tool is known as Workplace which was formerly named Facebook for Work in the Beta stage, which can sync […]
October 5, 2016

Facebook Is Again Leaning Towards Professional and Entrepreneurial Help with Facebook Marketplace

Well, the title is a bit sarcastic but the activities of Facebook are also the same. Gone were the days when people only saw the personal updates in the Facebook. Now, it seems your timeline is transformed into a potential market where all sorts of Marketers are stalking you every now and then. Every third video you stream is a Sponsored one, every third post you see is sponsored, and more or less the messenger is developed in a way that marketers can reach you there. So it is safe to say that Facebook is day by day leaning towards […]
September 30, 2016

Google Just Made Optimizing Website Lot Easier with Google Optimize

Entrepreneurs and Marketers are well aware of the fact that they need to keep their businesses and websites updated as well as optimized with the advancing competition of the Digital World. But, it is not easy to analyze and use the data and make correct decisions. Well, there is a reason people say, “Half of the Money spent in Marketing is not profit making, and the problem is marketers don’t know which half.” To come to the marketers and entrepreneurs rescue, Google has introduced a tool named Google Optimize with the tagline, mentioning which half of the marketing is actually […]
September 28, 2016

Get Registered for Voting via Twitter

Yesterday i.e. on 27th September 2016, Twitter kicked start a new campaign for all the USA citizens on Twitter by giving them new and cool way to get registered if you haven’t. They have a page called Twitter Government where they update all the news regarding the election and as the Election Day is nearing they are promoting the users to register for the Election. All you need to do is search for @Gov in the search twitter bar and click on the Twitter Government page which has more than 2.25 Million Followers already! Once you land on the page, […]
September 26, 2016

Snap Inc. comes up with First Hardware – Snap Sunglasses

It is obvious that the company which is one of the coolest things ever happened to this planet won’t come up with some cheesy sunglasses to make some money, but they have set up a company named Spectacles which has already rolled out few pieces of Glasses that allow the person who wears it to record the view they are watching. YES!! You heard it right, the glasses comes with a cool camera which will record and store a ten-second video with just a tap of a button. Whenever the camera starts recording a bright light starts around that camera […]
September 23, 2016

This is How You Can Beware of Breaches like the One Happened at Yahoo

Yahoo on Thursday officially declared that their systems were hacked or by a state-sponsored hacker and “at least” 500 million were affected and has disclosed that information like name, email address, password, security questions and answers, address, telephone number and such other information. But they have assured that information like bank details and such other details were not compromised. It is considered as the biggest hack till date. Yahoo has also announced that they are contacting all the affected accounts by sending them a letter but it is also advisable to avoid suspicious emails and not to click on some […]
September 21, 2016

Retailers and Local Store Owners can do a lot more with Facebook Dynamic Ads Now

Are you a Local Store owner who wishes to increase the Footfall to your store? Definitely, every store owner wishes for the same but you now have a great chance to do that. The medium is Facebook and the Tool is known as Facebook Dynamic Ads so with this, you can showcase your products to the people nearby your Store area as well as the one who has passed by the area and belong to the same interest or does a relative activity to that of the products you trade in. Well, I know you will say this is old […]
September 12, 2016

E-Commerce Businesses with Virtual Reality can become V-Commerce and Actually Built a Virtual Store

Gone were the days when people were just talking about the applicability of Virtual Reality in actual business models for selling. People thought Virtual Reality can only be used for service industry or entertainment or for presentation purpose, but to use the VR model for actual selling seemed impractical. But guess what, it is already applied by e-commerce giant Alibaba and they are trying to actually build a virtual store. They have already tried to test the concept in this July 2016 and were successful in it but the issue was the cost of 3D conversion of the products. But […]
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