Facebook Is Again Leaning Towards Professional and Entrepreneurial Help with Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Is Again Leaning Towards Professional and Entrepreneurial Help with Facebook Marketplace

Well, the title is a bit sarcastic but the activities of Facebook are also the same. Gone were the days when people only saw the personal updates in the Facebook. Now, it seems your timeline is transformed into a potential market where all sorts of Marketers are stalking you every now and then. Every third video you stream is a Sponsored one, every third post you see is sponsored, and more or less the messenger is developed in a way that marketers can reach you there. So it is safe to say that Facebook is day by day leaning towards professional as well as business related parties than that of the users who are using it to check the personal updates. You may check all the previous updates of the Facebook, all of them are somehow empowering the marketers to reach to the customers on the Facebook.


Well, they have done it again. Now they have come up with a new update in the Facebook mobile application, now your Facebook Application is also a marketplace where you can buy and sell the product in the nearby area. The service right now is only available in four countries namely Australia, US, UK, and New Zealand. More are to be added in upcoming months. So now once you open the application and click on the Shop button you can see lots of photos posted by the nearby people who are willing to sell their products. You can also sell the products in four simple steps:


  • Click photo of the product you wish to sell and choose it from Camera Roll
  • Add Price Description and Title to the same
  • Add your location and the category to which the product belongs to
  • Post

So, I don’t know that this will make the users of the Facebook happy or sad but, the marketers will definitely be happy. The drawback for Marketers is there is no Payment Gateway arranged, you have to arrange a different medium of payment for selling the product. Let’s hope Facebook understands that it is still an Application used for personal and informal use and not some application where people wish to connect to marketers. Well, that totally depends on how you think, this is my perspective and I would love to listen to yours. Comment below with your view of this update and all the recent updates on the Facebook. Also if you liked what you read, please share it with your personal and professional connections.

Darshit Patel
Darshit Patel
Darshit Patel is like a Home based Google of Nesterzweb. When we, the professionals of Digital Marketing have doubts in taking Decision regarding any of the activities of Digital, Paid or Inbound Marketing he is the one we consult. A man who has dedicated his career in mastering his knowledge and still considers himself a student who craves for Digital Knowledge Daily.

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