Google Penguin “Real Time” was more “Generous” to all the “Punished” Sites. Did You Recover?

Google Penguin “Real Time” was more “Generous” to all the “Punished” Sites. Did You Recover?

“Real Time Penguin” was rolled out by Google 3 weeks back on and around 27th September. The SEO guys seemed scared as the previous Penguin Updates 1-3 slammed a lot of websites and punished the whole website for bad or spammed links. Many websites faced troubles and even after applying all the necessary retrieval options, they didn’t have much of the effect and were forced to wait. Well, Penguin 4.0 was expected to do the same but when it was rolled out, what happened was quite the opposite. If we believe the theory, Real Time penguin will make an impact on all the Google websites and is the part of the Core algorithm. Many of the punished websites saw a recovery from the past and also got the benefit of a high rise in the organic traffic. The reason behind it is pretty simple. In Penguin 1-3, the websites with spammed links were penalized fully, while the new update only focuses on the pages which contain the spammed links and penalizes the specific page rather than the whole website. Because of that many websites saw an increase in the SERP rankings as well as the organic traffic.

But did your website still didn’t recover from the past penalties? Then following can be the reasons for the same:

  • Maybe you are focusing on the wrong page and links, Google never specified which links are spam and which links are not healthy, so the problem can be you might be focusing on wrong links and web pages.
  • The second possibility can be such that apart from Penguin, there are other factors to be considered in the Google Algorithm, may be the issue you are facing can be because of Panda or other such update and not the Penguin.
  • The third possibility is that your websites contain lots of Spammed links purchased in the past as shortcuts and now even after disavowing few of them, it is still affected by the others and if you disavow them all, you won’t be left with much of backlinks and will be dropping rank automatically.

Now, what is the alternative to recover if your website has all the above issues?

Well, the answer is pretty simple, do what Google tells you to do from start, develop genuine and regular content for your website and focus on high authority links. Do the white hat SEO techniques and more than that, focus more on the User point of view and less on SEO. Well, we all know that Google’s first priority is its users and you should do the same. To get all this done with expertise, just contact us and leave the rest to us. We are the Digital Marketing Experts who can help you make your website more user attractive and we will make your digital/virtual presence, amplified as well as unavoidable. So contact us via any means and don’t forget to share the blog if you liked what you read.

Devang Vasani
Devang Vasani
Devang Vasani is a Passionate Digital Marketing Professional and a Content Writer. He has unique way of thinking from the view point of benefits of the end client and has based all his research and content on the same principles. He loves to deliver useful information on different niche and link them to output in Digital and Inbound Marketing.

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