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3 Strategies of Blogging for Small Businesses to supercharge their Marketing in 2020

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LinkedIn: a Platform beyond a Recruitment Playground

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November 29, 2016

5 Best Keyword Research Techniques to Become a Pro Blogger

There are basically two types of Keywords, Head keywords, and Long Tail Keywords. They are explained below: 1 Head Terms The core search term that comprises of one or two words like SUV Cars, Insurance, Reebok and other such terms. They are generally the top 10,000 or around 18.5% of to total search are from head terms. 2 Long Tail Terms As the name suggest, they are long tail searches that comprise of more than 2 words. Like SUV Cars in New York, Luxurious SUV Cars and other such examples. They consist of more than 70% of search terms. The Demand Curve […]
October 14, 2016

Google Penguin “Real Time” was more “Generous” to all the “Punished” Sites. Did You Recover?

“Real Time Penguin” was rolled out by Google 3 weeks back on and around 27th September. The SEO guys seemed scared as the previous Penguin Updates 1-3 slammed a lot of websites and punished the whole website for bad or spammed links. Many websites faced troubles and even after applying all the necessary retrieval options, they didn’t have much of the effect and were forced to wait. Well, Penguin 4.0 was expected to do the same but when it was rolled out, what happened was quite the opposite. If we believe the theory, Real Time penguin will make an impact […]
September 23, 2016

This is How You Can Beware of Breaches like the One Happened at Yahoo

Yahoo on Thursday officially declared that their systems were hacked or by a state-sponsored hacker and “at least” 500 million were affected and has disclosed that information like name, email address, password, security questions and answers, address, telephone number and such other information. But they have assured that information like bank details and such other details were not compromised. It is considered as the biggest hack till date. Yahoo has also announced that they are contacting all the affected accounts by sending them a letter but it is also advisable to avoid suspicious emails and not to click on some […]
September 12, 2016

E-Commerce Businesses with Virtual Reality can become V-Commerce and Actually Built a Virtual Store

Gone were the days when people were just talking about the applicability of Virtual Reality in actual business models for selling. People thought Virtual Reality can only be used for service industry or entertainment or for presentation purpose, but to use the VR model for actual selling seemed impractical. But guess what, it is already applied by e-commerce giant Alibaba and they are trying to actually build a virtual store. They have already tried to test the concept in this July 2016 and were successful in it but the issue was the cost of 3D conversion of the products. But […]
August 15, 2016

Reasons to Why SnapChat is a Prominent threat to other Social Media Giants

SnapChat is a social media platform that is becoming viral day by day. Evan Spiegel has become a new virtual star and everyone is saying that SnapChat is the next Facebook. Not even the public but even the other social media giants like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook thinks in the same manner. I am not bluffing, I can say this on the events that have occurred in the last few months. Let’s discuss the events and then decide whether my title is just a bluff or actually SnapChat is going to overpower all the Social Media platforms. The first attempt […]
August 5, 2016

Five Business Tactics That Will Help You Fight Your Path Towards Success

It is said that you should make your brand famous enough that you are recognized by your brand name and not your brand by your name. Business and brand should be an independent entity and should also continue with or without your personal presence. So it will be like your brand will be your source to stay alive forever in the eyes of the world. To make such famous and successful brand there are many things that have to be done but there are a few basic tactics to market your product and brand in the market. Those tactics are […]
July 18, 2016

Content Calendar- Efficient way to Draw Maximum Crowd to your Website

The law of economics also applies to content also. Because both works on the phenomenon of hitting right people at right time and at the right place. And by doing that you get the same result i.e. demand. Or you can say in layman terms. Timing is everything to get maximum benefit from your content. Because better late than never does work in the real life but in marketing, if you are late, you are last. As simple as that. Because the basic guideline of the content marketing says that you need to hit your audience with what they are […]
July 11, 2016

Youtube Gaming: The Gamers Paradise Is About To Become A Year Old

To all the gamers out there who knows about this will be glad that they now have a platform where they can showcase their talent to millions of other people and that also by playing live. Every game has few lords and that lords can now rule by becoming more famous amongst the game lovers. In simple words, it is a Gamer’s Hall of Fame. To those who doesn’t know what Youtube Gaming is, it is an online platform where you can create your gaming channel for the Game you like the most and then play online. You will start […]
June 30, 2016

Youtube Made Launching A Video Ad A Child’s Play Through Youtube Director

Whether you are a Barber or a Baker, whether you have a Provision store or a Boutique now you can make an Advertisement on YouTube on your own, edit it on your own  and also launch it on your own. The easiest part is you don’t even need a Camera or a Video Recorder to shoot it, you can directly shoot it from your Phone and edit it from there. The App is named YouTube Director and it you can publish an Ad with it in 3 simple steps. Right now the application is launched only for iPhone and is […]
June 25, 2016

Lets Make HTTPS Universal for Ensuring Safety of Blogspots

From last one year, Google has started this initiative to promote HTTPS which is a must for securing all your content and encrypting all the content written by BlogSpot writers or authors from getting copied by other networks or viewers. But it has an error of mixed content which Google is trying to fix but yet many times it has to be done by blog writer or author himself. As part of this launch, we’re removing the HTTPS Availability setting. Even if you did not previously turn on this setting, your blogs will have an HTTPS version enabled. They have […]
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