Reasons to Why SnapChat is a Prominent threat to other Social Media Giants

Reasons to Why SnapChat is a Prominent threat to other Social Media Giants

SnapChat is a social media platform that is becoming viral day by day. Evan Spiegel has become a new virtual star and everyone is saying that SnapChat is the next Facebook. Not even the public but even the other social media giants like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook thinks in the same manner. I am not bluffing, I can say this on the events that have occurred in the last few months. Let’s discuss the events and then decide whether my title is just a bluff or actually SnapChat is going to overpower all the Social Media platforms.

The first attempt and the first threat was shown by none other than Facebook, the brand which was valued $800 million after the 2 years of its launch and was offered a price of $3 Billion by the Facebook that also in all cash. And look at the belief and audacity of the SnapChat owner Evan, he refused the amount and said I believe in my brand and intend to keep it. The SnapChat is not yet generating any penny and yet just because of the increasing fame, it has gathered the audacity to deny the person who is considered as the boss of all the Social media platforms.

The second threat was shown when the picture sharing platform Instagram allegedly copied the concept of Snap Stories and applied the same for their platform. Now, you get the feature to record a story in Instagram and it will disappear not in seconds but in 24 hours. SnapChat is already planning to sue Instagram for this but, it is clear Instagram doesn’t want their users to be more active on SnapChat.

Third was the most unusual for me, it was the one who has always followed their own pattern and never being affected by the fame of other platforms. Yes, I am talking about none other than Twitter, this social media giant has made an announcement which is seemingly an open version of SnapChat. They are coming up with ‘Moments’ which is available currently to some official accounts and stars amongst the Twitter users. But they have promised to make it public in near future. In moments you can compile some of the tweets that you wish to share your story or as they call it “Your Moment” and compile all the tweets in one single link and share it with the followers. Funny, that just sounds like SnapChat but in Twitters’ own style.

So, let’s see what the future brings and what wonders this brand SnapChat does. Right now let’s just kick back and see what these giants will do to stop this growing Social Media Platform.

Devang Vasani
Devang Vasani
Devang Vasani is a Passionate Digital Marketing Professional and a Content Writer. He has unique way of thinking from the view point of benefits of the end client and has based all his research and content on the same principles. He loves to deliver useful information on different niche and link them to output in Digital and Inbound Marketing.

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