With Google Application- Make your Voice Heard this Election Season

On 15th of July, Google made an interesting announcement to make you vote properly and let your voice be heard this election. The update is made in the Google application to make your voting experience easy and effective. No matter every republican must vote as it is their right and also their duty to contribute towards the growth of the country. So if you need any sort of guidance regarding the elections, just ask Google. This November, Americans all across the country will line up at the polls to cast their ballots for the President of the United States. But […]

Content Calendar- Efficient way to Draw Maximum Crowd to your Website

The law of economics also applies to content also. Because both works on the phenomenon of hitting right people at right time and at the right place. And by doing that you get the same result i.e. demand. Or you can say in layman terms. Timing is everything to get maximum benefit from your content. Because better late than never does work in the real life but in marketing, if you are late, you are last. As simple as that. Because the basic guideline of the content marketing says that you need to hit your audience with what they are […]

All who wish to Boost the Talent on YouTube, Visit Next Up New York Events

On October 15th 2015, YouTube initiated a project named Next Up to make the creative Youtubers more efficient and famous in their area or country. The second season of 2016 has started and you can register your channel if you are from New York or the whole US. To register, there are certain rules and regulations, that we will discuss below and also the events and scheduled dates and what you can expect or witness in the Event. First of all let me clear out who can participate in the Event, There are certain rules and regulations regarding the participation […]

Youtube Gaming: The Gamers Paradise Is About To Become A Year Old

To all the gamers out there who knows about this will be glad that they now have a platform where they can showcase their talent to millions of other people and that also by playing live. Every game has few lords and that lords can now rule by becoming more famous amongst the game lovers. In simple words, it is a Gamer’s Hall of Fame. To those who doesn’t know what Youtube Gaming is, it is an online platform where you can create your gaming channel for the Game you like the most and then play online. You will start […]

We are Coming to The United States, Contact us and Lets Meet Personally

You read it right in the title, Nesterz team is coming to your Country and to your city from 13th of July 2016. It is a Business Trip just to meet you, i.e. our Potential Clients. There are few cities and states decided and scheduled like New York, Boston, Washington DC, Texas and New Jersey. But don’t hesitate to invite us to your city or State even if it is not in the List. Just go to our Contact Us section and Schedule a Meeting for your Business and for your Digital Growth. Our intention of this Business Trip is […]

New Game by Facebook Messenger Will Poke you in Office Hours

We all might have tried the Basketball Game in the Messenger at least once. But now, with the Euro Cup the Facebook has introduced a new game in the Messenger of Soccer. It was expected that a new game will definitely hit the market as the Basketball game was insanely liked by all the Facebook users. All you need to do is send a soccer emoji in the activity to your friend and start the madness. This time it is a bit different and this time, you don’t need to hit a goal. This time, the target is to keep […]

Bing’s New Update is Definitely Going to Fetch Them A Lot of Users

Last week on 30th June, Bing Blogs updated on their Blog with some cool and interesting updates on their Home Page. They have updated the homepage and replaced the Hotspot icon with interesting Quiz icon. You can take a quiz on the homepage and then brag your score on your Social Media. Isn’t that cool? Who doesn’t like to brag they are smart and show with a high score. You can also challenge your friends on Facebook or other Social media and ask them to take a quiz and compare your score. They will also give you score and you […]

Dos and Don’ts of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective marketing tactics to boost your sales to the desired level. It is not about sales only, it helps to build the overall brand image. An Influencer will boost your Success ratio but you need to select appropriate Influencer as per your product or service and make sure you get maximum benefit from the Association. But there are certain things you need to make sure before approaching an Influencer and also during your Influencer Campaign, the Do’s and Don’ts are as follows: Be Savvy in choosing the Influencer: The most important part is […]

11,000 Bots Introduced In 3 Months by Facebook and More to Come

Facebook in its F8 meeting 3 months earlier declared an amazing addition to the Messenger app. The update was, they introduced Bots to their services and now in 3 months there are more than 11,000 bots on the Messenger. Also, now more than 23,000 developers working on creating the bots and more are pouring in every day. With bots the Facebook holds an ambition to make Messenger a hub for the Businesses to connect to their customers and make the Customer approach and service more personalized and wish that in distant future it can replace the toll free 1800- numbers. […]

App Store Changes: Is it Beneficial to both users and Developers?

Major changes are coming to the App Store. Later this fall, developers will be able to buy search ads for keywords in the App Store (similar to what Google already does). Another big news is that app subscriptions are expanding to all app categories. In the past, Apple has offered subscriptions for apps that provide access to subscription content (Netflix, Spotify), news (The New York Times), certain types of cloud services (Dropbox, Evernote) and for other services such as dating apps. But now, Apple is going to open up the floodgates for all types of developers. This is a big […]
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