Youtube Made Launching A Video Ad A Child’s Play Through Youtube Director

Whether you are a Barber or a Baker, whether you have a Provision store or a Boutique now you can make an Advertisement on YouTube on your own, edit it on your own  and also launch it on your own. The easiest part is you don’t even need a Camera or a Video Recorder to shoot it, you can directly shoot it from your Phone and edit it from there. The App is named YouTube Director and it you can publish an Ad with it in 3 simple steps. Right now the application is launched only for iPhone and is […]

Google Partner Badge is made more Trustworthy by the Google for all the Marketers

Google Partner badge is issued to such individuals and companies who met the criteria and have gone through some Google Certified Examinations. It is all about proving their worth to the Google that they are well aware of the services and procedures of the services provided by the Google. In return, the Google Issues a badge and practically add them to the Google Trust Worthy Service Providers and also give weightage to such companies. Thus, such qualified companies enjoy Google Support as well as gain high trust in the eyes of the clients. But to attain and maintain such credits […]

Lets Make HTTPS Universal for Ensuring Safety of Blogspots

From last one year, Google has started this initiative to promote HTTPS which is a must for securing all your content and encrypting all the content written by BlogSpot writers or authors from getting copied by other networks or viewers. But it has an error of mixed content which Google is trying to fix but yet many times it has to be done by blog writer or author himself. As part of this launch, we’re removing the HTTPS Availability setting. Even if you did not previously turn on this setting, your blogs will have an HTTPS version enabled. They have […]

Things Small Businesses need to know for successful Mobile Add Campaign

Recently at Google Performance Summit, Google announced several new trends and product innovations that highlight mobile opportunities for advertisers. Here are the main takeaways for small businesses looking to make the most of the new mobile world. Every year, there are trillions of searches on Google and over half of those searches happen on mobile. More searches happen on mobile than on desktop computers – which is no surprise when we think about our own behavior as consumers. Throughout the day, whenever we want to buy, learn or go, we turn to our phones first. Nowadays because of the Smartphones […]

With Google Now You Can Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Did you know that nine out of ten people will leave a mobile website if they can’t find what they’re looking for right away? So with faced problems like slow loading and site not working properly on Mobile, you can just hop to Google’s new tool to test your website. They have come up with a tool which can test your website for mobile, speed, desktop and give you all the fixing you need to do for making it more accessible to people online. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge to understand your site’s performance. Just type in […]

LinkedIn Deal – a Win-Win Situation for both its users

Everyone is talking about the biggest deal announced of the purchase of LinkedIn at $26.2 billion, all-cash deal, for $196/share vs. their closing price of $131.08 (64% premium). All are talking about why Windows did that, but after going through all that here are some take away from the deal about how we the users can profit from this deal apart from the giant companies. Microsoft is always willing to push its assets towards the professional extreme. Whether it be Office or Skype Communication, it always offers the best of the professional edge to all of its assets. And in […]
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