Retailers and Local Store Owners can do a lot more with Facebook Dynamic Ads Now

Retailers and Local Store Owners can do a lot more with Facebook Dynamic Ads Now

Are you a Local Store owner who wishes to increase the Footfall to your store? Definitely, every store owner wishes for the same but you now have a great chance to do that. The medium is Facebook and the Tool is known as Facebook Dynamic Ads so with this, you can showcase your products to the people nearby your Store area as well as the one who has passed by the area and belong to the same interest or does a relative activity to that of the products you trade in. Well, I know you will say this is old news and mostly everyone uses it, but what is new is Facebook recently made some testing and updates in the Dynamic ads and now you will be able to do a lot more with the Dynamic app.

As per the Facebook Data, nearly a million footfalls are generated because of their Dynamic ads from around 100,000 stores registered. They track the footfalls with the API of the store and the search made online on the Facebook mainly using the Mobiles. Now let’s talk about the updates, Facebook Dynamics yesterday i.e. on 20th September made an announcement that they have made following features available to some store giants such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Argos, Macy’s, Pottery Barn and Target and will allow relevant store owners to use the features in the coming weeks.

  • Local availability:

An indicator is added to the product display which shows different actions for the available products such as call now, get directions, visit the nearest store and such options. Once the product is sold out, they will display other product from the catalog.

Product summaries:

Now, you can also integrate a complete product summary to the product so that the relevant customer won’t need to leave the Facebook app to check the product information. Readers can also save the post for future references.

Thus, these are the new features availed to all the Retailers who wishes to connect to their customers. The main idea behind all these features is that more than 40% of the search regarding products is done from the mobiles and other online mediums and yet the major purchases are made from the Offline Stores. Thus, the main purpose is to connect the both. If you wish to run such campaign for your store or if you wish to excel digitally, just contact us and let us know your goals. Leave the rest to us and we guarantee an increase in Inquiries, Footfall as well as sales. So get in touch with Nesterzweb and increase your Digital Reach enormously.

Vishal Soni
Vishal Soni
Vishal Soni is your man when you have any problem in connecting to your customer. He is an expert in Social Media Strategy building and execution. Apart from the social media he has a mind filled with tactics that can help your brand grow in the world of Digital marketing and also help you become dearer to the Google.

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