Removing the Language Barrier Completely from the Internet

Removing the Language Barrier Completely from the Internet

English TLD translated to Regional Language TLD

Majority of people when asked about what era is it? Majority of them will say and believe that it is the Digital Era, right? Well this is a misconception at the least! Because to be a part of the Digital era, one needs to have access to the most basic thing called internet. Well, to your great surprise, only 52% of the world has access to internet. The rest 48% are having many barriers when it comes to its access.

Few of the reasons of the barrier are lack of data connection and Language. All the prominent players of this industry are working relentlessly to make the internet, a user friendly platform. While the content on majority of the search engines is not accessible in majority of languages, the technical inputs of a website are still mandatorily to be put in English.

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Taking a step towards that, an association called as The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is working on a project. This project will enable users to write majority of TLDs in their regional and national languages and still reach to the right destination!

Up until now, the TLDs were only to be put in English and the people who didn’t know English, had to type in their regional language and then input it in English.  They are saying that this step will be a boost for people who are afraid of the internet because of the lack of knowledge of English.

To make this happen, there is a panel named Non Brahmi script Generation Panel (NBGP) working under ICANN. Their task is to set the Root Zone Label Generation Rules i.e. the rules and security measures required for TLDs. The panel is currently working for three Indian Languages that are Devnagari, Gurumukhi and Gujarati.

If the reports are to be believed, this change currently is focused majorly for the national and regional languages of India. But, the project also has planned to include the national and regional languages of 22 other countries in the near future.

So, while it might not be true right now that we have entered into the Digital Era, we surely are taking all the right steps to make this Digital World, a place for all!

Darshit Patel
Darshit Patel
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