Are Google Applications a Sinking Ship?

Are Google Applications a Sinking Ship?

Data Breach

It seems like a bad year for the social media platforms. First the SnapChat fiasco, then the breach in the Facebook risking 90 million plus accounts! Data breach is no longer shocking news, in the past few years, the hackers have forced the world to believe that there is no longer a secure digital platform. Also, people and government organisations have started opposing the technology giants and are challenging the concept of “open internet.” Even the cosmopolitans now believe they are gripped by the social media platforms and are embracing concepts like “Digital Detox.

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But, the digital dominant Google has been facing struggles way before all these trends have initiated in the world. First when the Google+ data breach was discovered, they have revealed that 90% of the total visits were less than 5 seconds! The only active thing that happened with Google+ was the news courage that they had during the breach! And just after that, Google announced that they will gradually close down the application as it has become a great liability to them.

The second application that is facing extinction is the Google Messaging application “Allo.” They have announced on their blog that they are discontinuing with the development on the product and will shut the project down by the time of March 2019. While Google Allo was launched with high hopes and had a lot of exciting features for the users, the flaws and the timing of the application are the major reasons of the downfall of the application.

While there is no news regarding the Google video calls application “Duo”, it too seems that the days of the application are limited. While Google is dropping the entire useless burden from their sinking ship, they also have planned big for their RCS (Rich Communications Services) messaging. They plan to deliver a messaging application like iMessage for every Android device out there in the world and also have plans to monetize the application. They have also tied up with Verizon to launch RCS in Google Pixel 3/3 but there are no such announcements or interests shown from the other service providers.

The problem with that is the service providers are not going to have a direct income from the service and it will totally depend upon the advertisers and their choice of the audience. So, while there are no certain answers to the RCS messaging, all other applications are facing a grave danger as the world is now detaching from the Social Media platforms and other applications that are believed to be controlling their lives. So, it is safe to say that Google Applications are a sinking ship! For more such news and updates, stay tuned to this space and if you need to make your digital presence felt across the platforms, you can contact us.

Darshit Patel
Darshit Patel
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