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Let’s go to the basics and understand what you actually get when you opt for web application development services from Nesterzweb. In general, the services today organizations seek are for either CRM or for ERP, but these two terms might sound small but are equally large in terms of implementation. Each client is different and each requirement too, the only thing that is same is the letters CRM and ERP. Let’s understand what activities are covered and what the benefits of having such applications are.

We at Nesterz have all sorts of experts who not only develop applications for you, but also help you make it perfect from the strategy point of view.

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CRM is the abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management, which deals with all the activities related to the customers right from the approach to sales as well as after-sales services. These softwares allows you to automate all the activities like sending emails to delivery to service reminders and many such activities. It is like an assistant to your HR guys or you who will never commit any mistakes and never ask for any leave. So no matter what business you handle and no matter what problem you face, our CRM app developers has a solution to it.


ERP is the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning, it deals with all the inventory of the business and also maintains and records all the information regarding the stocks and mediums like the agents, logistics or retailers, and wholesalers. So if you wish to sync all the activities as well as the data that can help you improvise your operations and distribution, just contact Nesterzweb and let them do the rest.

Other than that with experts that are capable of working on various platforms we can help you with your problem or what marketers say “pain point”, all you need to do is contact us and state your requirement; rest is our responsibility.

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