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We make sure your video reaches and stays at the Top of Mind of your Customers

Trends in Digital Marketing keeps on changing, from PR to print ads to paid marketing to display media, the way marketers use to reach consumers is constantly changing. Brands and marketers also need to shift their orthodox marketing techniques that are more engaging forms of advertising, and online video marketing is paving the way. Video advertising is an innovative medium for customer acquisition and it has a direct impact on customer conversions and retargeting. A video is by far the most engaging ad medium. It’s the best way to place your brand image and kick start a communication of your company’s story that might lead to positive word of mouth, it also helps in increasing brand awareness and drives more conversions.

It is believed that People remember Visuals longer than other mediums. With Nesterz we ensure that customers not only remember you but also react to it.

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According to a survey, “One out of four consumers lose interest in the website if it doesn’t use video and just plain text”. Consumers are highly responsive to video content. Potential customers prefer to watch videos rather than reading the text and also more responsive than that of images. Videos are more impactful to feature new products or driving your customers from the service area. 86% of consumers fails to remember the last display ad they saw in few hours while 80% of the public can recall the video ads they saw the previous week. Thus, it is an effective way to drive your brand to their top of mind.

We at Nesterzweb make sure that our client’s get what they actually envision, we make sure we also analyze what the target audience wishes to see and also strategize the video as per the concerned product or service. To know more about how you can excel your virtual business and brand image via Video marketing, just contact us or drop a mail to us. We will contact you with excellence and perfection.

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