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LinkedIn: a Platform beyond a Recruitment Playground

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October 9, 2019

Co-existence of SEO and PPC- not just a Recommendation but Compulsion with new Google Updates

Time and again it is proven by Google that whether you are trying to promote your business organically or via paid campaigns, Quality of your content and Quality of your service matters equally! And the most recent update of Google PPC Ads proves the point. Previously, there was no certain way to determine where your Ad will be shown on the SERP. The Top and Average Ad Ranks alloted were only to determine the position of your Advertisement in terms of number of bidders. For instance, if there are five bidders and your Ad rank is number 1, then there would […]
January 31, 2019
Google ads

Google Ads Campaign to be managed by Google! Did you get the mail?

Few days back Google sent an email to bunch of their Ad campaign users that unless they opt out of the service, Google Ads experts will manage their Google Ads campaigns! The update if not opted out will be initiated automatically and users must be certain that there will be changes made. While this might seem exciting to most of the campaign owners, there are many setbacks of this update. While Google promised that this will not affect the budget set by the user, the mail mentioned that they will change the content and the Keywords of the campaign as […]
November 24, 2018

Amazon Advertising a.k.a. AMS is Disrupting the Digital Landscape

The Digital Advertising agency is one of the biggest industries of the Digital Era. The Digital Giants currently ruling the space are Facebook and Google Adwords. There are many other contemporaries in the market like Bing, Instagram, SnapChat and others but these two currently have the majority of the market share. But, Amazon’s move into the Digital Advertising has disrupted the whole industry! Right from Jan 2018, it has managed to cover 3.5% of the total market share and is estimated to cover 10% of the total Digital Advertising market by the end of 2020. While these figures might seem […]
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