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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it helps you get more attention and help you to stand out in the crowd. There are over 8 billion searches done in Google monthly. With the help of SEO, you will have the perfect keyword to match the search of the user. Just as it is believed that Front row shops grant you more footfall same as that SEO gets you to a front and help you get more customers compared to others. Thus, not only you get more attention but also more customers that will definitely help you financially.

There are more than a billion websites on the web, what can you attain high ranking in Search Engines and stand out in top few positions? Just roll to our services now and the rest is our Responsibility.

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Benefits of SEO:

SEO has endless applications and benefits but the main benefits which can help both small and established business are mentioned below:

  • Increased traffic:

When a user searches something in search engine thousands of results are shown but the user will select only from the few top positioned links in most of the cases. That position can be achieved through SEO. With a proper title and Meta description, your website reaches in one of the top positions.

  • ROI:

No matter you are an e-commerce or not but you need to know what return you are getting from your investment in SEO. Through SEO you can track not only traffic generation but also the conversion rates and up to an extent that who spent what time in what section of your website.

  • Cost Effectiveness:

SEO is cost effective because it identifies your target audience and markets you bang on them. Television shows an advertisement to all sort of people who may not have any connection to the viewer but with SEO your link pops up only when a user searches for your related product or service. You get work worth every penny spent.

  • Increased site usability:

Just as a well-settled furniture helps you access all your things easily in the same manner SEO channelizes your website and manages its architecture in a manner that it makes easy for a user to find what he/she is looking for.

  • Brand awareness:

Just as the word of mouth helps you become famous locally SEO helps you get renowned internationally. It is simple mathematics, just as more views generates more clicks same way more views also gives a trust as everyone knows only the best gets on TOP!


We are a performance driven organization which focuses only on White hat SEO. We will focus on results and these are the quality you can expect from Nesterzweb’s services:

  • On time delivery:

We deliver when it is most suitable and we focus on to whom it is most suitable. We value the money and trust you ensure on us and make sure that we deliver what you asked for as well as when you ask for.

  • We stay updated:

We understand that nothing is permanent and online market gets updated daily. We keep track of all the activities happening in the industry. A day old in SEO industry becomes outdated. Thus, we stay updated and also keep the close watch on all the things related to us like the Google’s latest algorithm or latest trend of users etc.

  • We are affordable to all:

We have different options as well different strategies for different business and agencies. We plan packages as well as activities as per the requirement of business so that will help you not spend on things that might not apply or be beneficial to you.


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