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Real Estate industry is one of the most growing and competitive industry across the world. Each realtor wishes to cover the maximum area and honestly if you ask us, each realtor has to approach in a different way to get a maximum response as per the local scenario and mindset of the potential leads they are concerned about. In the same manner, there are many real estate SEO companies or experts who does SEO and if you ask them what activities they do when they speak of SEO, it is most likely that you’ll get totally different answers from each of them. We make sure that we build up an approach for REALTORS could be best as per their local scenario. Nesterzweb is not just an SEO firm it is a Digital marketing agency which compiles of best content writers, SEO, and Social media strategists. Our team looks differently for each client as it is obvious that same strategy might not fetch equal results for all as there is only one Number 1 position available.

Want to sell faster? Want to make your sites more frequently noticed without doing telemarketing? Want to expand your reach while sipping tea at your office? Send us an inquiry and enjoy the fruits of booming customer base with the help of Digital Marketing.

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There is a procedure in how we build up strategy for your Real Estate agency, it is mentioned below:

Our SEO experts will optimize your site whether it is academically correct or not.

Instead of doing a lot of SEO “tricks”, we first analyze each and every page of the website and make sure that whether the content is relevant and which areas needs improvement. Our team also makes sure that is fast enough for Google as 85% of people leave a website if it doesn’t load quickly.

The second step is to check if your site is responsive or not.

We make sure that whether it is registered in each and every search engine or not? Because Google has 80% of the market but other also have a strong hold on the market. Even other platforms have less competition and you might need less effort to convert a lead. We also make your site mobile responsive as well as Mobile Friendly as it is proven in the result of a research of Google that around 63% of smartphone device owners use mobiles to search online.

Third Step is to set up perfect IDX.

We make sure whether your IDX is a “framed” solution or not? We also make sure your MLS pages are indexed. Because if you use iframes- the listings who doesn’t have separate unique pages, you are losing a market big opportunity. Therefore we help you find an IDX system that works perfectly for your firm to fetch maximum traffic.

The fourth step is to optimize your local presence.

Local listings, directory and classified submissions and also featuring ads in some famous websites might not get you rank in search engines but it will definitely fetch you goof business. We also make sure your firm features in top map results as well as in the Knowledge Graph.

There is a lot more that can be done and everything will definitely lead you to guaranteed traffic. We guarantee leads as well as traffic, just make sure you contact us and rest you leave to Nesterzweb’s Digital experts.


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