Paid Marketing

Paid Marketing


Your investments’ positive return is our responsibility and duty

We understand that everyone expects to have a certain amount of return on their investment especially when we invest in our marketing of business, we work strategically and we love to exceed your expectations.

A good paid search strategy will maximize your visibility in the search engines and provide an excellent return on investment. It is quickest and most convenient way to get response.

Here are the paid advertising Campaigns Nesterz can handle for you:
• Google AdWords
• Bing ads
• Facebook ads
• Twitter ads
• Retargeting
• YouTube advertising
• Mobile advertising
• Other real-time buying platforms
• Direct media buys

Other than this, here are some additional options you for targeting niche markets:

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How we approach to a Successful PPC campaign

  • PHASE 1:Discovery

    We initially analyze the client’s business, their website, and the competition to provide clear documentation that is needed to be used throughout all the stages of the client project.

    Project Brief
    Understand information & business goals of the client also inquire all required information to effectively complete the discovery Phase.

    1 Analytics
    2 Budget
    3 Business Goals
    4 Campaign Login Credentials
    5 Audience
    6 Geographic Location

    PPC Audit
    Make necessary amends for current website PPC performance based on analytics and also check landing pages and current campaign statistics.

    Defining Keyword
    Usage of promising target keywords that are based on business goals mentioned in the Project Brief and also as per the potential analytics found in the PPC Audit.

    Analyzing the Competition
    Study the business as well as PPC competitors and Ad Copy based on Target Keywords and also determine the threats they pose.
  • PHASE 2Strategy

    After the study, we create an actionable PPC strategy and plan the activities accordingly that can be linked directly to deliverable and measurable business goals.

    Paid Search Strategy
    Setting up the Paid Search, Display as well as the Remarketing campaigns and take necessary decisions regarding ad copy, landing page recommendations, targeting methods and required budget.

    Defining Measurement Tactics
    Define measurable short-term and long-term goals to be evaluated as well as the tools to measure the campaign performance.
  • PHASE 3Setting Up the Landing Page and PPC Campaign

    Implementing the landing page recommendations derived from the Strategy Phase after the proper collaboration with the client.

    Designing of the Landing Page (optional)
    Designing optimal conversion based landing pages with actionable calls to action for new campaigns.

    Actual Campaign Setup
    Create or edit existing campaigns based on the Paid Search Strategy.

    Landing Page Implementation
    Create/Edit Landing Pages for the new campaigns and to make sure conversion tracking is implemented and also optimizing the load time of the page.
  • PHASE 4Optimize

    Monitor and adjust campaigns based on the performance of keywords, landing pages, and ad copy.

    Short-Term Adjustments
    Change bids, ads, and landing pages based on short term performance indicators (daily or every few days).

    Campaign Adjustments
    Make global changes to the campaign based on trends that are identified over time (weekly or biweekly).
  • PHASE 5Analysis & Reporting

    Providing and generating regular reports that are based on analysis of campaign performance, KPIs, goal tracking and also amend the project plan based on results.

    Monthly Performance Report
    Preparing comparison based reports defining current standing of goals, metrics, tasks performed and plan for the respective next month.

    Quarterly Review Comprehensive overview of the campaign and doing necessary amendments to the project plan based on the results obtained.

What benefits you get from a Successful PPC Campaign

Expect PPC success from a Google accredited agency:
• Maximise the return on investment (ROI) of your advertising budget
• Get high quality leads, more enquiries, or more sales – whatever spells “success” for you
• Keep complete control of your account
• Reduce the cost of generating each lead or sale
• Speak at any time with your own Google accredited AdWords specialist

Here’s Why You Need Nesterz as your PPC Agency

• Thanks to a number of recent updates to Google’s search engine results page, it’s getting harder and harder for businesses to survive online without an intelligent paid search strategy.
• Every search engine results page features a combination of paid listings (adverts) and organic listings.
• These days we’re seeing fewer organic listings than ever. The results pages are increasingly dominated by ads.
• So if you want to have any chance of ranking on that coveted first page of the results, and you do, you’ll have to invest in paid search.
• And if you want your paid search campaign to be a success, you’ll need the help of a Google accredited PPC agency.

We are a team of experts who are qualified and Google recognized for Google Adwords, we also have expertise in Bing, so with such expertise and creative minds working for you, we make sure your paid campaign reaches success levels which it deserves.
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