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In this era of Digital Marketing, hotels get only 10% of offline reservations and the rest 90% of their reservations happens online, thus the marketers and hotel managers have understood the importance of the online marketing and are starting to focus more on the strategy that can be implemented to excel the Online business and are also investing a lot of money to design and optimize their websites and other Digital marketing activities.

85% of initial Hotel Research is done on the Internet, with our expertise and tactic we ensure you long lasting fruits of getting online business with a least possible investment of money as well as time.

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Indeed, the booking systems are the key success to any hotel, not only in the low season but also for last minute bookings. Indeed, customers usually prefer to go via online travel agencies or booking systems for practical reasons. As a matter of fact, there are sites nowadays that compare hotel prices of different locations providing customers with the best prices and services according to their needs. However, analyzing customer behavior, Google found that the vast majority of Internet users who visited the sites of an online travel agency consult the hotel main site before booking. This is where hotels with a good designed, well-structured websites and quality images win the game.

Booking, key to the hotel success, Today web is the main source of income for any business. 90% of the population in the developed countries turn to internet for booking trips and hotels. It goes without saying that this trend changes drastically the situation for hotels today. It is not enough to have a great looking hotel with the best first-class service to success anymore. Customers need to find the hotel online, develop a trust via visiting the hotel website and accept the price according to the desired service in comparison to other hotels in the requested area. Therefore, online bookings are key for the success of any hotel.

In order to achieve that Nesterz Webtech we are digital marketing agency will help you by making digital marketing strategy for your hotel, a destination resort and restaurant. Interested in our services? We’d love to talk about it feel free to contact us at [email protected] our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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