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Facebook has become the daily diary of common people. With our services, you can attain direct access to your target audience and convert their desire in to your potential selling lead.

Benefits of Facebook Adverts:

Adverts is flexible to your needs:
  • You can choose goal or result and make an advert accordingly i.e. you want people to visit your website or install your app or visit your shop etc.
  • Once you choose result it is not that it ends there. Once your advert is set Facebook will update regular results and if you want to make some edits you can do it with some tools
  • You can also choose your target audience from following options:
  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • What they buy online and offline
  • Other categories

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Facebook Advert charges:
  • You can choose budget i.e. how much money you want to spend on Advert
  • Then there will be bidding to reach customers as there are many bidders
  • Then you will choose the bid amount to reach your customers
  • Facebook automatically targets your audience who are most likely to click on your link
  • You can do daily or lifetime budget run Adverts
  • You can also make edits to your budget from Adverts manager

The Facebook  advertising solutions are constantly improving. In order to keep your business up-to-date, you can connect to us, Nesterz Webtech we are a digital marketing agency and provide digital marketing strategy for Facebook advertising in order to learn more about them we’d love to talk about it contact us at [email protected] our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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