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If less than 100 percent of searches happen on Google, why focus 100 percent of your PPC campaign there? Bing’s share of the search market has grown over the last three years, with just under 20 percent of all searches going through This leaves businesses with PPC opportunities that are often overlooked in AdWords-centric campaigns.

Worried, whether your business will reach target audience?? Stay cool, our expertise will make it simpler than what it seems. When the matter comes to paid marketing then we are sealing the best deal for you.

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Google might capture the lion’s share of search traffic, but people search Bing 3.3 billion times per month. There is plenty of untapped PPC potential within those searches, meaning savvy businesses can capture new leads and conversions while others continue to neglect Bing’s high-volume search.

At Nesterz we will assist you with all elements of a Bing Ads campaign including, but not limited to:

  • Accurate Keyword Search:

We derive PPC keywords after an extensive search to determine which keywords and phrases will provide Optimum ROI and Conversion.

  • Create An Optimized Ad:

We will either refine the current ad campaigns or help the client in creating a brand new ad to make sure that Ad represents carefully chosen and well-placed call to action or offer to help the brand reach your PPC advertising goals.

  • Optimizing the Landing Page:

We will optimize the landing pages on your website and will make necessary improvements and recommend things that are needed to improvise ad Quality Score to generate more impressions, clicks as well as conversions.

  • Experimenting on Keywords and Optimize the Campaign:

We will review the success of different keywords periodically also the ad groups, and ads to make necessary changes in order to improve the overall campaign ROI.

  • Reporting:

We provide our clients with accurate PPC reports on a regular basis including visitors and conversions that determine the results of the campaign and also customize reports as per the needs of each client.

Some of the benefits of advertising exclusively on the Yahoo! Bing Ads advertising network.

  • Because Google gets the majority of search traffic, clicks on the Yahoo! Bing network are often much cheaper
  • Fewer advertisers mean less competition in otherwise highly competitive niches
  • Great for small businesses on a tight budget
  • Direct AdWords import – we can copy and paste your successful AdWords campaigns right into Bing ads

Thus, as we say the net practice is essential before the final matches, such as that Bing is a platform to run your ad campaign to get a maximum response at minimum risk and minimum cost. With fewer bidders you also face less competition, so it is the best way for small scale businesses to develop and gain share even when giants are involved. To know more just request a quote and let our experts do the rest for you.

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