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On an average around 80 million vehicles are sold online and the figure is increasing with each passing year. The Google Data says that around 67% of the people who wish to buy a car searches for “Cars for Sale” in their search engine. There are over one million such searches monthly and this data doesn’t compile the other trading sides like that of selling and renting. With such huge market opportunity of that magnitude, traders have started fierce automotive SEO campaigns in the US.  There are approximately 18,000 franchise auto dealers and new dealers jump into the market every day. Thus, with such fierce competition, the question that bothers each dealer is not only a good business online but also to ensure they are on one of the top positions of the Search Result.

When you search Google for Automotive agencies, you get more than THREE Billion results in less than 1 second. With Local Search Optimization, you will have the power to stand out in the top few places in Google.

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Nowadays customers have changed their search habits and are now wiser and seek only relevant and beneficial information. Initially, customers use to search for many dealers and call them or visit them in person, now they compare and validate the data that is provided online and reach out to only one or two dealers. The key in today’s automotive world is to accept the truth and follow the transparency policy. Dealers need to update the website with unique content and develop an interactive base for their customers. With continuous and unique content uploaded periodically, Google will provide more weightage to your website than that of your competitors. This is how a dealer gains a high rank in SERPs. With our services and experts that are constantly updated with the trends of Google as well as other Digital Marketing Aspects, a dealer can rest assured that not only will they gain online popularity and higher search engine ranking, we also make sure you get offline footfalls and business.

What you get when you opt for Nesterz’s Local SEO services:

  • Since we are a Digital Marketing Agency we guarantee traffic as well as Conversion Rate
  • It is Believed that 97 out of 100 visitors doesn’t convert to a converted buyer, With our services, we will definitely change the scenario
  • When you opt for Local SEO we transform your Location into an Attraction or a Beacon to all the Automotive help seekers
  • You will have increased visits online a well as offline
  • With our methods, we expand your reach from an area to a city or even a state depending upon your expectancy
  • Best thing is your customers will find you, you don’t need to go to your customers.

In order to achieve such fantastic virtual successful results, Nesterz Webtech a digital marketing agency will make sure you make a correct digital marketing strategy for your automotive business.

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