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Co-existence of SEO and PPC- not just a Recommendation but Compulsion with new Google Updates

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How Sales Ready Leads Can Help To Grow Your Solar Business

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September 29, 2018
Image having spelling of Facebook on nesterzweb's blog

Facebook Hack 101: All You Need to Know

While the world is in constant debate about the virtual giants exploiting the right to privacy of the cosmopolitans, there comes the news of one of the biggest Data Breach of the century. And such is the condition of the virtual world that the data breaches have become a frequent thing. In the last decade itself, there were more than 12 breached that were labelled as the “biggest breach of the century”. Few of them that affected millions were the Wannacry malware attack, Yahoo data breach and Adobe data breach. Now, on 28th September 2018, was again marked as a date […]
September 13, 2018
EU passes Copyright Law graphical presentation on nesterz webtech website

European Parliament’s New Copyright Law is a Potential Threat to “Open Internet”

What do you think is the best thing about internet or virtual world? Well, for us at Nesterz it is the freedom that allows us to write and share information that can help our clients and readers to grow exponentially in the digital market. And the reason we are connected with our users and potential target audience is because we live in the world where the virtual world is “Open”. Although not everyone is using this freedom to do the greater good, but the world is slowly and gradually moving towards the Digital World just because of the reach and […]
September 5, 2018
English TLD translated to Regional Language TLD

Removing the Language Barrier Completely from the Internet

Majority of people when asked about what era is it? Majority of them will say and believe that it is the Digital Era, right? Well this is a misconception at the least! Because to be a part of the Digital era, one needs to have access to the most basic thing called internet. Well, to your great surprise, only 52% of the world has access to internet. The rest 48% are having many barriers when it comes to its access. Few of the reasons of the barrier are lack of data connection and Language. All the prominent players of this […]
July 12, 2018

Google Marketing Innovations Keynote

Host: Matt Lawson (Vice President of Ads Marketing) Speaker: Sridhar Ramaswamy (Senior Vice President of Ads) Nicky Rettke (Group Product Manager, Video Ads) Anthony Chavez (Product Management Director, Google Ads) Kim Spalding (GM and Product Management Director, Small Businss Ads) Philip McDonnell (Group Product Manager, Google Ads) Payam Shodjai (Product Management Director, Google Marketing Platform) (Transcript of Google Marketing Innovations Keynote)   Matt Lawson (Vice President of Ads Marketing, Google): Hi, and welcome to Google Marketing Live. I’m your host Matt Lawson. We’re coming to you live from the heart of Silicon Valley in sunny San Jose, California. It’s great to […]
January 5, 2017

Google Unlocked a Lot of Opportunities for Indian SMBs with Digital Unlocked

Shortcode: [ssf id=1390824263] Everyone knows Indian PM wishes to make India a Cashless and Digital Country. And for that, there are a lot of updates coming from the Government whether it be BHIM, a Money transfer app to other offers and benefits for all those who opt for digital payments and digital purchases. To make that dream come true, Indian businesses needs to make a strong web presence so that customers can get more options online and prefer Digital Transactions instead of Cash trades. This vision was well understood by Google and they have come up with a great platform […]
October 26, 2016

Google’s New Click-to-Message Ad is quite the reverse of Facebook Bot Messenger

Google has been pretty aggressive nowadays improving their Adwords and are willing and even striving to provide the best to their customers. Their upgrades are pretty impressive and are trying to stay the market leader they are and that also with the help of Innovation. They promote their users to be customer friendly and they also are doing the same. Their customers are the advertisers and they are providing every possible option to them to advertise in best possible manner. Recently they announced a new add for the advertisers which seems quite the opposite of Facebook messenger bot. The response […]
October 17, 2016

Pinterest Has Reached to New Heights of Success and with it, you can too

Yesterday Pinterest just declared that it has reached 150 Million monthly users. And its value has been determined around $11 billion which is just one billion less than Twitter. Well, the article is not regarding that, the Pinterest is known as the ad-driven company. Lots of advertisers spend a potential amount of money on Pinterest and the revenue of Pinterest is also high. So, this article is to make you aware that you might be missing this opportunity to sell products to the potential leads on Pinterest. According to a recent survey, Pinterest which is believed to be a favorite […]
September 30, 2016

Google Just Made Optimizing Website Lot Easier with Google Optimize

Entrepreneurs and Marketers are well aware of the fact that they need to keep their businesses and websites updated as well as optimized with the advancing competition of the Digital World. But, it is not easy to analyze and use the data and make correct decisions. Well, there is a reason people say, “Half of the Money spent in Marketing is not profit making, and the problem is marketers don’t know which half.” To come to the marketers and entrepreneurs rescue, Google has introduced a tool named Google Optimize with the tagline, mentioning which half of the marketing is actually […]
September 26, 2016

Snap Inc. comes up with First Hardware – Snap Sunglasses

It is obvious that the company which is one of the coolest things ever happened to this planet won’t come up with some cheesy sunglasses to make some money, but they have set up a company named Spectacles which has already rolled out few pieces of Glasses that allow the person who wears it to record the view they are watching. YES!! You heard it right, the glasses comes with a cool camera which will record and store a ten-second video with just a tap of a button. Whenever the camera starts recording a bright light starts around that camera […]
August 17, 2016

Google is Back with the Third Party Critic Reviews

Google has started this third party review in 2012 and then stopped because of some of the issues and some malpractices to feed the Google with so me misleading content and information in the form of reviews. So now they have come up again with the service but this time, it is with a plan. They will not fetch the data directly but you need to feed the data to Google which they will back check it and then publish it for the third party review. The Form is out and you can check it here. You can check whether it is […]
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