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Google Unlocked a Lot of Opportunities for Indian SMBs with Digital Unlocked

Everyone knows Indian PM wishes to make India a Cashless and Digital Country. And for that, there are a lot of updates coming from the Government whether it be BHIM, a Money transfer app to other offers and benefits for all those who opt for digital payments and digital purchases. To make that dream come true, Indian businesses needs to make a strong web presence so that customers can get more options online and prefer Digital Transactions instead of Cash trades. This vision was well understood by Google and they have come up with a great platform to prompt Small […]

DIY: Include Facebook Messenger Button in your Facebook Ad

Facebook has been doing everything possible to promote their application amongst the advertisers and marketers. They have introduced marketplace, messenger Bots that is a response assistant and other such features to make the Facebook a new medium of Advertising and they are very much successful at it. The latest innovation Response Assistant is just amazing and if you don’t know what I am talking about, just click the below-mentioned link and learn that first. Related Article: 11,000 Bots Introduced In 3 Months by Facebook and More to Come Facebook has given all the options to promote your Messenger Bot button […]

Amazon Go- The Potential Future of E-Commerce

On 6th of December 2016, Amazon rolled out a new video and article about the Future of Shopping and Stores, they have successfully managed to combine different technologies like Sensor Fusion, Computer Vision and, Deep Learning algorithms to present to you the Future. To say it in real simple words, all you need to do is download the free application Amazon Go and then enter the store, pick up anything you want and just walk out! No lines, no checkouts, no scanning, and no waiting. They have kept it that simple. You can also put it back if you don’t […]

5 Best Keyword Research Techniques to Become a Pro Blogger

There are basically two types of Keywords, Head keywords, and Long Tail Keywords. They are explained below: 1 Head Terms The core search term that comprises of one or two words like SUV Cars, Insurance, Reebok and other such terms. They are generally the top 10,000 or around 18.5% of to total search are from head terms. 2 Long Tail Terms As the name suggest, they are long tail searches that comprise of more than 2 words. Like SUV Cars in New York, Luxurious SUV Cars and other such examples. They consist of more than 70% of search terms. The Demand Curve […]

Google’s New Click-to-Message Ad is quite the reverse of Facebook Bot Messenger

Google has been pretty aggressive nowadays improving their Adwords and are willing and even striving to provide the best to their customers. Their upgrades are pretty impressive and are trying to stay the market leader they are and that also with the help of Innovation. They promote their users to be customer friendly and they also are doing the same. Their customers are the advertisers and they are providing every possible option to them to advertise in best possible manner. Recently they announced a new add for the advertisers which seems quite the opposite of Facebook messenger bot. The response […]

Salesforce is planning to introduce Artificial Intelligence to the CRM

Salesforce has announced that they are seeing the future of CRM with Einstein artificial intelligence (AI) model. Einstein is the base on which the whole Salesforce team works. The General Manager of Einstein Mr. John Ball said that the real aim of AI integration is to make life easier for users. “What we’re really trying to do is transform the way people work by focusing on what matters and giving them time back.” When Subha Nabar the director of Data Science at Salesforce was asked what this AI will be capable of, she said “AI can surface the most important […]

Pinterest Has Reached to New Heights of Success and with it, you can too

Yesterday Pinterest just declared that it has reached 150 Million monthly users. And its value has been determined around $11 billion which is just one billion less than Twitter. Well, the article is not regarding that, the Pinterest is known as the ad-driven company. Lots of advertisers spend a potential amount of money on Pinterest and the revenue of Pinterest is also high. So, this article is to make you aware that you might be missing this opportunity to sell products to the potential leads on Pinterest. According to a recent survey, Pinterest which is believed to be a favorite […]

Google Penguin “Real Time” was more “Generous” to all the “Punished” Sites. Did You Recover?

“Real Time Penguin” was rolled out by Google 3 weeks back on and around 27th September. The SEO guys seemed scared as the previous Penguin Updates 1-3 slammed a lot of websites and punished the whole website for bad or spammed links. Many websites faced troubles and even after applying all the necessary retrieval options, they didn’t have much of the effect and were forced to wait. Well, Penguin 4.0 was expected to do the same but when it was rolled out, what happened was quite the opposite. If we believe the theory, Real Time penguin will make an impact […]

Meet Facebook Workplace: A Tool to Synchronize your Organization’s Human Resource

You might be aware that Facebook is aggressively making changes in their model and has been trying to monetize their venture as much as possible. If you are not aware of the recent updates such as your Facebook Newsfeed is a Marketplace and Facebook also made some changes in the Facebook Dynamic Ads, you can catch up on all these news from Nesterz BlogSpace. Yesterday i.e. on 11th October 2016, Facebook rolled out another tool for the Businesses and Organizations. The tool is known as Workplace which was formerly named Facebook for Work in the Beta stage, which can sync […]

Facebook Is Again Leaning Towards Professional and Entrepreneurial Help with Facebook Marketplace

Well, the title is a bit sarcastic but the activities of Facebook are also the same. Gone were the days when people only saw the personal updates in the Facebook. Now, it seems your timeline is transformed into a potential market where all sorts of Marketers are stalking you every now and then. Every third video you stream is a Sponsored one, every third post you see is sponsored, and more or less the messenger is developed in a way that marketers can reach you there. So it is safe to say that Facebook is day by day leaning towards […]
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